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What is Pharmacovigilance?
Herbarium is a pharmaceutical company that continually invests in improving its products and services so that our drugs are always safe and effective. We routinely monitor the performance of the products we sell in order to ensure the highest safety and efficacy standards.
All our products are rigorously inspected prior to leaving the factory. However, like other medicines on the market, they may subsequently be susceptible to unwanted or unintended changes. Accordingly, we are committed to the continuous monitoring of the safety profile of our products so they achieve the best risk-benefit ratio.
At Herbarium, our pharmacovigilance or drug safety efforts are designed to protect all healthcare professionals that prescribe our products, as well as the consumers who use our medicines. Should you experience an adverse event, please contact the Herbarium Customer Service Center immediately, or fill out the form on our site, so we can answer your questions and/or post any necessary notifications.
IMPORTANT: Consistent with best ethical practices, all information received is treated confidentially. It is used only for internal drug safety evaluation purposes, and to meet local regulations.
The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) defines an adverse event as “any untoward medical occurrence associated with the use of a drug in humans, whether or not considered drug related.”
Adverse events include: unpleasant side effects (an allergic reaction to the product, for example), lack of efficacy or treatment failure, worsening of a disease or pre-existing symptoms, or altered laboratory tests and interactions.
NOTE: In addition to adverse events, our drug safety program also evaluates overdose reports, unexpected benefits, or accidental exposure to a product during pregnancy (with or without symptoms).
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